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Friday, May 12, 2006

Update School Sus Activity

Update School Sus Activity

Boise, May 12, 2006- Boise Police have found that there was no criminal activity involved after two young boys reported an incident they thought was suspicious as they walked to Highlands Elementary school yesterday morning.

Investigating officers have spoken with the adult in question, who came forward after hearing of a notice sent home by the school Thursday.

Officers say the man reports driving slowly down the street looking for the home of a relative to check on mail. He told officers he saw the boys run, but did not know why they were running and did not consider his own activity suspicious. The boys reported the man never spoke to them. Officers are confident at this point that there was no criminal intent in the man's behavior.

Officers do encourage children to be aware of the surroundings and to follow the method often taught in schools: No-Go and Tell... where children yell, "No", run away from a possible threat, and report it right away to a responsible adult like a teacher or parent.