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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Prostitution Sites

Prostitution Sites

Boise, March 7, 2006 – Boise Police today searched eleven massage parlors and cited women at nine of them for Soliciting Prostitution, among other charges.

The investigation began after citizen complaints. Detectives believe the massage parlors are fronts for prostitution.

“This has been a lot of work for misdemeanor charges,” said Sgt. Mike Harrington of the BANDIT Task Force. “But the big picture is, this investigation may lead to a needed review of Boise’s licensing and permits codes for massage parlors.”

The Charges: 18 woman were cited while officers served search warrants on four massage parlors. Spot inspections were done on seven other businesses.\

The women are all employees at the massage parlors.

Five woman were cited for Soliciting Prostitution, a general misdemeanor with a penalty up to 6 months and/or $1,000.00.

Other charges include being an Unlicensed Massagist, Allowing Employees to Reside in a Business, and having Alcohol on the Premises.

Seized/Evidence: Seized during the searches today were financial records, credit card receipts, bank records and sexual paraphernalia, like condoms.

Investigators also have collected license plate numbers of customers who frequent the massage parlors.

The Investigation: The investigation is ongoing.

It began approx. 6 months ago after police began receiving complaints that employees at these massage parlors were soliciting customers for sex acts.

Boise Police also began to receive information from other police jurisdictions that illegal activity was occurring in these types of businesses.

The investigation involved BPD Neighborhood Contact Officers and vice/narcotics detectives from the Boise Police Departments BANDIT Task Force.

The Massage Parlors: All the massage parlors searched or inspected today had been the object of citizen complaints. There is some evidence that several of the establishments are connected through employees or ownership.

Search Warrants were served at:

Jo Jeans, 401 N. Orchard Shanghai Spa 1455 N. Cole

Aloha Spa 63`6 W. Overland Hong Kong Spa 1129 Broadway

Inspections for Compliance of City Code were done at:

Apple Spa 174 N. Orchard Asiana Spa 1150 W. State

Tokyo Massage 5115 W. Fairview Peach Spa 619 N. Orchard

World Massage 5016 Morris Hill VIP Spa 4105 W. State

HOU Spa 1307 S. Orchard

Details of Citations: See attached for names/charges