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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Car Burglary Arrests

Car Burglary Arrests

Boise, March 7, 2006 – Boise Police arrested two men late Monday night and charged them with Burglary within minutes of the crimes bring committed.

Arrested: Jeffrey A. Lackey, 22, Boise, Charged: Burglary

Arrested: Trevor R. Atkinson, 26, Boise, Charged: Attempted Burglary

What Happened: Boise Police received two reports of car burglaries in the area of Leadville Beacon Streets and Broadway Warren shortly after midnight Monday. One victim actually witnessed the suspect burglarizing his vehicle, providing officers with a description.

Officers began an intense search of the area. As they were searching, two additional car burglaries were reported nearby.

Officers located one male, then another walking down nearby streets. After some questioning, the men indicated they knew each other. After further investigation, Lackey, was found to be in possession of items connecting him to the vehicle burglaries. The items were found in Atkinson’s home.

The burglarized cars had been left unlocked.

Officers want to remind citizens to always leave their vehicles locked, especially when valuables are left inside, even if you only plan to be away from the vehicle a short time.