Boise Police Department
News Release

William L. Bones
Chief of Police

Contact: BPD Media Relations Office


Friday, January 27, 2006



Boise, January 27, 2006 – The Boise Police Department has been informed of two apparently fraudulent attempts this week to solicit donations on behalf of the department or department- related programs. Any help you can provide to your readers, viewers, listeners to alert them to these misrepresentations is appreciated.

The Better Business Bureau alerted the department to a report of a solicitation to a business in the area of Cole Emerald. The report said a young man had walked into a business offering to sell a laptop in return for a donation to the Boise DARE program.

BPD does not operate a DARE program. The department’s drug prevention program, PAYADA, does not do this type of fund raising.

A second report came in directly to the Sergeant of the Boise Police K9 unit. A man reported to the sergeant that a telephone solicitor had requested money for the local police K9 unit. The man says the caller was rude when he did not give financial information or a commitment over the phone.

The Boise PD K9 unit does not telephone solicit for donations.