BPD E-Mail Alert System

What is the E-mail alert system?

Thank you for your interest in the Boise Police E-mail Alerts system. This subscription based alert system is designed to help keep our citizens aware of issues in our community through direct distribution of Boise Police news releases. The system allows any interested citizen to sign up for the alert system that will automatically notify the subscriber whenever a new release is issued to the public at www.BoisePolice.org. Anyone may sign up for the system anonymously and no information is gathered for use by the department.   You can sign up for the service at any time by clicking HERE.

How does it work?

When a new release is issued via the Boise Police website the system will automatically E-mail you with a brief description and links that take you directly to that particular news release. You will receive an E-mail that looks something like this.  You can sign up for the service at any time by clicking HERE.


You have the option of clicking on the link to that E-mail or simply deleting it. The E-mail will also include links to unsubscribe from the service at any time. 

How do I sign up?  You can sign up for the service at any time by clicking HERE.

You will be asked to provide a name and a valid E-mail address. Once you have provided that information an E-mail will be sent to that address to confirm that the person who requested the subscription is at that address. Once you confirm this you will automatically begin receiving E-mails as new news releases are posted on www.boisepolice.org.

What kind of information is available in a News Release?

For detailed information on what may or may not be included in Boise Police news releases we offer this brief guide to what may be available!

Can I look at previously released E-mails?

E-mails issued by the Boise Police Public Information unit are posted  at www.boisepolice.org and are archived for your review.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If at any time wish to cancel your subscription to the news release system you must use the unsubscribe link provided on every E-mail Alert you receive.