Strategic Plan

The mission of the Boise Police Department is to enhance public safety through proactive problem solving and increased community partnerships.

Building on a tradition of excellence to meet the challenges of the future the Boise Police Department protects and serves the community of Boise, Idaho.


GOAL 1:  Increase opportunities for Boise Police employees to develop positive relationships with members of the community.

A. Objective:  Provide more opportunities for the citizens of Boise to be educated about police operations and participate in non-law enforcement activities.
  1. Action:  Continue offering adequate sessions of the Citizen Police Academy (CPA) to accommodate the demand from the community.  Evaluate effective methods for conducting a Youth outreach.
  2. Action:  Identify and develop new forums to effectively promote youth involvement and participation.
  3. Action:  Establish a media program that works with local print, electronic, and Internet outlets to disseminate crime prevention, and law enforcement information to the community while providing an additional forum for the public to contact the Boise Police Department (BPD).  This may include increased staffing.
  4. Action:  Increase the effective usage of the mobile BPD substation at neighborhood meetings or similar community events.  Hold community law enforcement events in strategic locations.
  5. Action:  Use community groups and neighborhood associations to relay law enforcement information to the community.
  6. Action:  Refine the ride-along program in the department and explore new ways to maximize its effectiveness.
  7. Action:  Refine the current trading card program.
B. Objective:  Encourage employee ownership of neighborhoods, patrol areas or other identifiable geographic areas of the city.
  1. Action:  Increase BPD employee education on existing programs in the City of Boise, including developing promotion test questions which evaluate an officer's knowledge of community programs in his/her particular area.
  2. Action:  Expand crime prevention training for the community.
  3. Action:  Explore ways to increase length of assignments to areas and/or provide incentive/encouragement for officers to stay in an area of assignment.
C. Objective:  Develop neighborhood strategies to address crime and concerns related to citizens quality of life.
  1. Action:  Support efforts that promote positive parent interaction with their children.
  2. Action:  Continue to evaluate in-school and after-school programs to maximize their effectiveness and to determine new models of opportunities.
  3. Action:  Work with neighborhood associations to assist in the development of neighborhood strategies to improve quality of life.
  4. Action:  Promote community wide cooperative efforts to eradicate graffiti.
  5. Action:  Promote timely dissemination of neighborhood crime and traffic information to facilitate neighborhood involvement in problem solving.
GOAL 2:  Maximize the service orientation of the Boise Police Department in all public contacts.

Objective:  Ensure that all Boise Police personnel continue to receive service orientation training.

  1. Action:  Continue to improve the Advanced Academy to better support the performance of new officers and to maintain instruction on customer service, teamwork and problem solving skills.
  2. Action:  Provide training programs to all employees that enable them to effectively communicate with and serve the public and solve community problems (customer service).
  3. Action:  Define our service philosophy and related roles and expectations as they apply to organizational elements and individual employees.  Continually emphasize the philosophy throughout the Department and market it externally so that people in the community can understand the role they play.

Objective:  Develop a customer service philosophy and timely follow-up process that will be used by all employees of the Boise Police Department.

  1. Action:  Promote strategies to enhance employee/citizen communications.
  2. Action:  Develop a comprehensive strategy to provide follow-up investigative services and appropriate victim callbacks.
  3. Action:  Develop a Boise Police Department customer service survey strategy to determine the effectiveness of current programs and service delivery.

Objective:  Develop a recruitment and selection process that is consistent with the Boise Police Department's service philosophy.

  1. Action:  Continue to review the recruitment and selection process to ensure it reflects the Department's goals and values.
  2. Action:  Continue to refine Department efforts that integrate recruitment, hiring, and training which will efficiently and effectively produce top quality employees to address the needs of our increasingly diverse community.
GOAL 3:  Continue to implement a management philosophy consistent with the goals of community policing.

Objective:  Continue to promote a management philosophy that can be clearly understood and accepted by all levels of the organization.

  1. Action:  Update performance evaluations system to include clear and concise performance objectives that will support our service.
  2. Action:  Encourage feedback from employee to supervisor as part of the evaluation system.
  3. Action:  Communicate to all employees management's current expectations and future goals regarding the Department's service philosophy.

Objective:  Continue to develop effective and efficient training programs for sworn and non-sworn personnel that increase proficiency in job performance and supports the Department's service philosophy.

  1. Action:  Identify effective and innovative methods to address annual training needs.
  2. Action:  Continue to ensure that all training programs in the Department are closely coordinated and effectively managed.

Objective:  Enhance and/or create communication mechanisms at all levels of the Department.

  1. Action:  Conduct regular supervisor's meetings to provide updates on new, current and/or future activities.  The regular meeting would include all the commanders and supervisors.
  2. Action:  Develop an internal communication strategy which addresses horizontal communications, verbal communications, and communications between sworn and civilian staff.

Objective:   Establish an organization environment that enhances leadership development at all decisions-making levels.

  1. Action:  Re-enforce the operating philosophy to equip and empower all employees at the lowest level to make quality decisions.
  2. Action:  Continue to provide employees access to leadership training opportunities.
GOAL 4:  Enhance the quality of life through public safety in the growing community of Boise.

Objective:  Implement a Master Plan for the Boise Police Department facility needs.


Objective:  Identify staffing needs and hire personnel as appropriate to enhance the Department's service philosophy.

  1. Action:  Research alternative service delivery methods.
  2. Action:  Seek budgetary assistance to achieve appropriate staffing needs.
  3. Action:  Analyze, evaluate, and reallocate, if necessary, current Department staffing to address crime and enhance public safety to include, traffic safety, criminal investigations and anti-terrorism initiatives.