IA & Police Training


The Units of the Professional Development and Standards Division of the Boise Police Department consist of the Office of Internal Affairs, Planning, and Training. These units work in conjunction to ensure the highest quality service and integrity to the citizens of Boise.

Contact information:

To learn more about Planning and Training click here or call (208) 570-6150

333 N. Mark Stall Place

Boise ID 83704-0644

To learn more about The Office of Internal Affairs Click here or call (208) 570-6160 or BPD_IA@cityofboise.org

Boise Police Department
Office of Internal Affairs
333 N. Mark Stall Place
Boise, Idaho 83701-0500

The Boise Police Department is committed to providing quality, responsive service in its efforts to work in partnership with the community to improve the quality of life in Boise.

We encourage your feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards, and welcome your recommendations about the service we provide, your commendations of police employee performance, or your complaints about the actions of any department member.