Violent Crimes Unit

The  Crimes Of Violence Unit (primarily dealing with adult victims of violent crimes)Contact Us at 208-570-6290

The overall responsibility of the Crimes Of Violence Section is to investigate felony crimes related to Violent Crime issues including Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Battery, Kidnappings, collateral crimes, and missing persons.

Working in concert with numerous internal and external disciplines, this section conducts the criminal identification, investigation and apprehension of persons responsible for violent crimes.

The BPD Violent Crime Unit is staffed by roughly five detectives, one law enforcement technician and one sergeant. This unit is responsible for investigating homicides, robberies, suspicious deaths and various other violent felony crimes.

Violent Crimes Unit Goals

• Maintaining our current level of service in conducting criminal investigations.
• Obtaining the specialized training needed to conduct these investigations.
• Obtaining and maintaining special equipment needs.

The mission of the Violent Crime Unit is to utilize specialized knowledge and skills to investigate crimes designated to be the responsibility of the unit. Above all else, we serve justice and seek the truth. We will provide the highest standard of
service possible with the resources provided to us.

Members of this unit spend many hours preparing for criminal court testimony and appearing in court on felony and high profile cases as well as assisting outside agencies with critical investigations. These duties are not reflected in statistical data but consume a considerable portion of an investigator's time. BPD Investigators work closely with federal, state and local law
enforcement agencies as well as numerous other individuals and agencies.

Along with all the cases that detectives are currently assigned, they continue to investigate open homicide cases and missing person cases ranging from 1985 to date.

In 2008 alone this unit reviewed 582 cases and assigned 319 cases that had sufficient leads for follow-up. Some of these cases were among the most high profile handled by the department. Those crimes included homicide, manslaughters, robberies, suspicious deaths and suicides, aggravated assaults and batteries, kidnappings, elder abuse, hate bias incidents, extortions and missing persons. These detectives frequently respond at all hours from their homes or workplace to participate in these investigations.

The detectives in this unit are also members of the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force and are involved in all critical incidents and officer involved shooting investigations. The task force is a team of experienced detectives from area agencies that investigate critical incidents.


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