Property Crimes

    The crimes that the Property Crimes Detail regularly investigates residential, commercial and vehicle burglaries, arson, unlawful use and or possession of explosives (including Post-Blast Investigations), grand theft and all felony theft-related matters such as vehicle theft, theft by deception, theft by possession, felony malicious injury to property/vandalism, and computer fraud (including other computer related crimes.)

    The Property Crimes Detail encompasses a number of specialties. For instance, within the unit there are experts in auto theft, fire/arson investigations and post-blast investigations. We also have an expert in computer forensics. The computer forensics expert is often called upon to assist/support other sections within CID, which also adds to this person's existing case load. Recently, we dedicated two detectives to specialize in pawn shop related criminal activity. All detectives within this section carry a regular case load of property crimes. Those detectives with specialties must also handle additional cases that come into the section and are specific to their particular emphasis or specialty. 

Prioritization of cases / How cases are assigned:

    Because it is not possible to assign each of the thousands of cases we receive annually, we must prioritize those case for assignment. This prioritization generally falls to the sergeant of the section who assigns cases. The sergeant looks at cases to determine if there is a viable suspect or if it is possible to identify a viable suspect. If there is a viable suspect listed or information present that will likely lead to a viable suspect being identified, the case is assigned to a detective. 

Call the Boise Police Property Crimes unit at (208) 570-6270

5295_crimepreventionlockitpamphlet.jpgDid you know that 80% of all auto burglaries occur because people leave their cars unlocked and valuables in plain sight?

DONT BE A VICTIM! The boise police department "Lock it or Lose it" campaign would like to remind you that keeping your valuables out of sight and your car locked up is the first line of defense against vehicle burglary.