Gang Unit



The Boise Police Department Gang Unit will suppress gang activity and /or organized crime in Boise through aggressive investigation and enforcement of crimes committed by gang/organized crime members and their associates.  These investigations will include in-depth overt and covert investigations into the various activities associated with criminal gangs/organized crime groups.  Particular focus will be placed on serious offenses impacting the safety of the citizens of this community, as well as quality-of-life issues surrounding gang/organized crime activity.  When these investigations lead outside the City of Boise, we will partner with the appropriate agencies to bring a successful conclusion to the case.


-          BGU conducts both overt and covert investigations into criminal gangs and their members, involved in drug trafficking, Human Trafficking, illegal firearms and crimes of violence.

-          To enhance the effectiveness of our investigations, we partner with federal agencies such the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigations and the METRO Violent Crimes Task Force.  In addition, we also partner with state and local agencies such as the Idaho Department of Corrections and other area Street Crimes Units.       

-          Gang Detectives work directly with a designated gang prosecutor from the Ada County Prosecutors Office to apply the Idaho Criminal Gang Enforcement Act for enhanced sentences on gangs and gang members.  The BGU also works with the United States Attorney’s Office in order to maximize sentences for crimes involving gang members. 

-          The BGU formally documents gangs and gang members under the Idaho Gang Enforcement Act and disseminates information in accordance with federal intelligence guidelines (28 CFR part 23). 


-          The BGU is visible in specialized uniformed gang enforcement targeting street level criminal activity. 

-          We assist both juvenile and adult probation and parole in targeted home visits of known gang members and associates, as well as fugitive apprehension assistance.

-          We target known gang areas and special events such as concerts, rallies, sporting events, etc. that attract gang activity. 


-          BGU provides comprehensive educational gang training to community organizations , local schools, universities and drug/alcohol treatment conferences regarding the impact of gang ideology specific to the needs of each organization.

-          We also provide in-depth and specific gang training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors and judges.

-          Detectives in BGU are also actively involved in the facilitation and presentation of training at regional gang conferences.