Financial Crimes

48481_FinancialCrimes2009.jpgThe Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for felony fraud related crimes.

On the Financial Crimes side, regular investigations are pursued on felony "Issuing Checks Without Funds", "Issuing Checks on Closed Accounts", a variety of forgeries including "Passing a Forged Instrument", "Counterfeiting" (on a variety of documents including credit cards) and or "Passing Counterfeit Currency" and "Unlawful Use of Financial Transaction Cards."

The Financial Crimes Detail has an expert in Document Examinations and Handwriting Comparisons. That person must handle a normal case load in financial crimes but must also support the rest of the Criminal Investigation Division and Boise Police Department regarding handwriting and questioned documents requests.

How Cases Are Assigned:

Because it is not possible to assign each of the thousands of cases we receive annually, we must prioritize those case for assignment. This prioritization generally falls to the detectives. Detectives look at cases to determine if there is a viable suspect or if it is possible to identify a viable suspect. If there is a viable suspect listed or information present that will likely lead to a viable suspect being identified, the case is assigned to a detective.

Prioritization of Financial Crimes Cases:

The same principle is followed in the Financial Crimes Detail as outlined in the Property Crimes Detail with one exception. Generally speaking, most Financial Crimes have some type of a paper trail that detectives can investigate. It is for this reason that most financial crime cases are assigned to investigators.

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