Administration Support

The Administrative Support Division works to support the officers and detectives who work to keep our community a safe place. The Division covers a wide variety of subjects from the hiring of new officers to the statistical support of investigations. 



The BPD Personnel Unit is comprised of one full time employee … a Police Personnel Specialist. The Personnel Office interviews hundreds of officer and civilian candidates for various positions, hiring officers and civilians as qualifications permit. For information about the many employment opportunities with the Boise Police Department or to apply for a position click HERE!  To apply for civilian positions, please visit the City of Boise website …


The Public Records section of the Boise Police Department processes thousands of public records requests from citizens
and members of the media. The records custodians also process dispositions for guns and property as well. 
Click here to find the Public Records Request form!

23375_BudgetAndFinanceImage.jpgBPD Budget & Finance employees create purchase orders, process time sheets, pay invoices and equip new officers with uniforms and safety equipment. Budget & Finance employees pay bills, accept receipts, process payroll, collect false alarm fees, distribute uniforms and safety equipment, monitor department inventory, represent the department on various committees, and coordinates department wide purchasing. A court liaison keeps officers current on court schedules. Finance employees also monitor the budget and ensure department purchases follow city guidelines.

23376_CrimeAnalysisImage.jpgThe BPD Crime Analysis Unit consists of civilian employees, one supervisor, and four employees, including one who validates stolen vehicles and guns. The Crime Analysis unit works with Criminal Investigation and Patrol Divisions, Ada County Records, and the Ada County Prosecutors Office to improve the process of clearing Boise Police Cases and assisting in the investigation, prosecution, and disposition of statistical information. The Unit identifies, updates, and implements processes as needed to reflect actual crime clearance data, develops a quarterly statistical report for the chief and command staff to monitor many factors that identify crime or other trends in policing and continues to assist the entire department with the administration of law enforcement specific.


Fleet management at Boise Police Department is currently handled by one individual. The fleet manager is responsible for over 290 vehicles including police cruisers, unmarked police cars, and various other vehicles. Boise Police employees log millions of miles a year in fleet vehicles. The Fleet manager ensures that the proper maintenance and repairs remain current.



The Boise Police Transcriptionist's comprise a very busy unit. The employees are tasked with typing incident reports for all sworn patrol officers. The Transcription Unit may also type interviews and reports for detectives. Their work is detailed and precise, automatically correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation so the final reports are acceptable in court.


The Boise Police Information Technology Unit  works with all divisions within the Boise Police Department to implement the latest technology to assist in the mission of the department. The Boise Police department maintains more than three hundred desktop computers. The information technology unit responds to thousands of requests for service every year. The unit is responsible for implementing many cost, and time saving software programs and maintaining existing computer systems as well.