BPD K-9 Foundation

dieselThe Boise Police Department, in partnership with the Idaho Community Foundation has formed the Boise Police Canine Foundation.

What is the Boise Police Canine Foundation?

The Boise Police Canine Foundation is a charitable fund that supports the operation of the Boise Police Canine Unit beyond the departments annual operating budget.

The Boise Police Department is not allowed to accept donations, though citizens grateful for police services have generously offered to contribute over the years. By partnering with the Idaho Community Foundation, the Boise Police Department can accept contributions toward purchasing new police dogs and supporting its existing dogs.

Idaho_Community_Foundation.jpgWhy did BPD partner with the Idaho Community Foundation?

The ICF will manage fund donations to the Boise Police Canine Foundation, creating efficiency for both the Boise PD and citizens who wish to donate. The ICF also guarantees exposure for the Boise Police Canine Foundation to a wide array of potential donors.

The Idaho Community Foundation works with nonprofit organizations throughout the state by gathering funds from individual donors, groups and foundations. The ICF is able to grow those funds through investments to meet donors charitable objectives, while granting funds for a broad variety of worthwhile and critical projects, like the Boise Police Canine Foundation.

K9cute TMWhat will donations to the Boise Police Canine Foundation help pay for?

Citizen donations to the Boise Police Canine Foundation will pay for needed improvements and supplies for the canines beyond what the departments annual operating budget allows for.

For example, although many of the departments drug and explosive detection dogs are adopted from local animal shelters, the purchase of a dual purpose drug and apprehension patrol dog can cost between $8,000 and $9,000. A training bite suit, that helps maintain the patrol dogs skills while keeping trainers safe costs $1,300.

How is this a first for Boise and unique to Idaho?

The Boise Police Canine Foundation is a first for both BPD and ICF. BPD has never had the ability to raise money to purchase equipment and supplies. ICF has never worked with a city department to establish such a fund.

How can citizens contribute?

Contributing to the fund is easy! Donations can be made online at http://www.idcomfdn.org/Donate_Now and typing Boise Police Canine Foundation in the Fund Name search bar. Or mail a check made out to Boise Police Department Canine Foundation to:
ICF at 210 W. State St., Boise, ID 83702

Tax benefits of donations?

Donations are eligible for a tax deduction.

All Boise Police Canines are certified by the Idaho Police Officers Standards and Training program.