Community Service Specialists

The Community Service Specialist (C.S.S.) program is an integral part of service provided by the Patrol Division. C.S.S. are non-sworn personnel trained and experienced in the field of basic Crime Scene Investigation and taking crime reports. They often respond out to citizen's residences and other locations within the city to process crime scenes for finger prints, take photo graphs, and to thoroughly document crimes. Frequently they assist Officers on complex crime scenes when requested. The C.S.S. unit is also tasked with documenting all reported graffiti through photographs and a specialized reporting process.

The C.S.S. unit stays very busy with basic Crime Scene Investigation, crime reporting, graffiti documentation, and speed trailer deployment. They can often be seen out in the community driving white pick-up trucks identified as Community Service Specialists for Boise Police helping to make Boise the most liveable city.