Officer Mark Stall

MarkStallPhoto.jpgBoise Police Officer Mark Arlin Stall 

Age: 29MemorialBadge.jpg
Tour of Duty: 3 years
Badge Number: 512 

Mark Stall is the first officer known to have been killed in the line of duty in the history of the Boise Police Department.

About Officer Mark Stall: Mark Arlin Stall was a dedicated police officer and a devoted family man.  Officer Stall was well liked and respected by his colleagues on the Boise Police Department. He was known as an officer who loved his job and was committed to the community he served.  His wife, daughters and family say they are blessed to this day because of the honorable man that he was.  He will always be missed because of his many admirable qualities. His is a worthy legacy.

Officer Stall's family says Mark was industrious, adventuresome, a man of integrity and guided by honesty.  He was fun-loving but he took the appropriate things seriously.  He truly wanted to make a positive difference in his community believing he could lead by example; by the way he lived his personal life and how he conducted himself as a Boise Police officer.  

Officer Stall served with the Boise Police Department for three years. He joined BPD after previously serving five years as a sheriff's deputy with Los Angeles County. Mark and his wife moved back to Boise to reunite with family here. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. 

A Fateful Day: Early the morning of Saturday, September 20, 1997, Officer Stall was shot and killed during a traffic stop turned violent. Boise Police officers had stopped a car for a routine traffic violation and the two occupants refused to comply with the officer's orders. The traffic stop became his risk. Officer Stall responded as a backup officer. The two occupants exited their vehicle and immediately opened fire on officers, striking Officer Stall on the right side of his body, just above his vest. Other officers returned fire. Both suspects were killed. A second Boise Police officer was seriously injured.

Remembering Officer Stall Today: Boise Police officers are often reminded of the lasting legacy of service and integrity left by Officer Mark Stall. members of the department walk by Officer Stall's locker that bears his name and likeness each day as they enter and exit the departments locker rooms at Boise Police headquarters. BPD officers created a Challenge Coin bearing Mark's image. Each year during Police Week in May, Officer Stall, along with other fallen Idaho Peace officers, is remembered at a special ceremony that takes place at the Idaho Peace Officers Memorial. In May, 2011, the Boise City Council voted to honor Officer Stall by naming a West Boise street in his honor. Mark Stall Place runs south from W. Emerald St. to Boise City Hall West, the address for the Boise Police and Fire administrative offices. 

Members of the Boise Police Department thank Officer Stall for his service, and his family for their sacrifice. They are owed a debt this department and community can never repay. The men and woman of the Boise Police Department hope Mark's family finds peace in knowing his memory, his love of life, his professionalism, devotion and his commitment to service remain very much alive within the department.