Narcotics Vice Unit

Boise Police Vice and Narcotics Unit

The Boise Police Vice and Narcotics Unit is a pro-active unit that investigates controlled substance violations, human trafficking, prostitution and gambling violations.  In order to become successful in these investigations, Boise Vice and Narcotics Detectives work closely with Ada County Prosecutors, Federal Prosecutors, Probation and Parole,  Idaho State Police,  Federal Agents, Idaho National Guard and other investigators from neighboring jurisdictions.

Vice and Narcotics Detectives are trained to work covertly in a multitude of situations.  They purchase narcotics, stolen property, weapons and infiltrate illegal prostitution and gambling operations.  Detectives frequently work with confidential sources who supply them with information on criminal activity.

Our Detectives spend a large portion of their time investigating Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s).  These investigations routinely result in large narcotic seizures and a substantial number of arrests.  DTO’s are responsible for the majority of the methamphetamine trafficked in the Treasure Valley.   To completely dismantle these criminal organizations our detectives partner with neighboring agencies who assist by dedicating resources and intelligence.

An emerging national and local trend is the trafficking and use of prescription pharmaceuticals.  The Boise Police Department, along with a group of other local Law Enforcement agencies is partnering with the DEA to form a prescription pill diversion task force.  This task force works with doctors, the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy and others to educate the community and enforce the laws reference these drugs. 

Boise Police Detectives have focused on designer and synthetic drugs such as ecstasy, spice and bath salts.  We are constantly monitoring these new drugs and educate the public of their dangers.  

To contact the Boise Police Vice and Narcotics Unit, call: (208) 608-7900