Protecting Your Home

According to the US Department of Justice, a home is burglarized about every 15 seconds. The average loss to the homeowner is $2,000!

The DOJ says more than 60 percent of burglaries occur during the day when people aren't home. Most break-ins are through ground or first floor doors.

Burglars select targets based on a number of key factors, including:

  • Familiarity with the target and convenience of the location
  • Occupancy
  • Visibility or surveillability
  • Accessibility
  • Vulnerability or security
  • Potential rewards.

Don't be an easy target! Boise Police join law enforcement nationwide in urging homeowners to take the following steps to protect their families, home and neighborhoods: 

  • Install quality locks on doors and windows and use them. Lock and close your doors and windows even when you're home. Do not rely on thumb-turn locks on windows, as they can be unlocked through a broken window. A good quality deadbolt should be installed on every exterior entry door no matter how friendly your neighborhood is, make it a habit to check for locaked doors each time you leave the house and go to bed.
  • Trim shrubs around doors and windows so burglars don't have a sheltered place to work. High or overgrown landscaping like bushes, shrubs and trees can offer an intruder a place to hide and conceal a break-in. Trim vegetation so your home's windows, porches and doors are visible to neighbors and passersby.
  • Install peepholes on exterior doors and any interior door between the garage and house.
  • Consider Timers hooked up to indoor lights, as well as radios or televisions to give your home that lived-in appearance.
  • Close shades, drapes and other window treatments while you're away to keep potentially tempting household items out of view. Burglary is often a crime of opportunity and "window-shopping" is one way criminals choose potential targets.
  • Do not leave your garage door open or unlocked if you are not in the immediate area.
  • Pay attention to suspicious activity or anything that appears out of place. Immediately report any and all suspicious activity by calling your local 24-hour non-emergency number or 911 in the event of an emergency.
  • If you have an alarm, set it!
  • Lighting is one of the best deterrents to nightime burglary—indoor and outdoor lighting are important. Install lights by all exterior doors and make bulbs hard to reach. Dark or poorly homes and property make it easier for a burglar to go about unseen. Motion senor lights are often a good choice for side or backyards.
  • Beware of solicitors. Door-to-door salespeople have a business license or permit issued by the City, so always ask to see it for verification.
  • Don't let strangers into your home—this includes workers and others—if you are not with them. Never give keys to people making improvements to your home.
  • Have family, friends, or neighbors check on your home if you are going to be out of town. Do not hide spare house keys outside your home but leave them with a trusted neighbor instead. Click here for more vacation home safety tips. 
  • Photograph your valuables and engrave your property with a form of identification, such as your driver's license number.
  • Have locks changed or re-keyed when moving into a new home or apartment.
  • Install track-type locks, drop bars, wooden dowels, or pinning devices on sliding glass doors.
  • "Harden" your doors. All entry doors should be solid wood or steel-wrapped wood-core doors. 
  • Join or establish a Neighborhood Watch! Getting to Know Your Neighbors can be beneficial for your home’s security. Boise City has a very active Neighborhood Watch program!