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The Boise Police department is committed to enforcing drug laws and providing the community with drug education programs. This portion of our web site is meant as a guide for parents, educators and the general public to the drug enforcement units and drug education resources offered through Boise PD.

The drug identification page was assembled with the help of officers with the Boise Police BANDIT Narcotics Unit and Boise Police Drug Recognition Experts:

A Resource for Parents & Educators

-What to look for -What to Listen for -What to Know


Pharmaceuticals  Abuse of prescription drugs is a growing problem among young people in the Boise area. These drugs are verydangerous. Young people may steal the drugs from parents or others or forge prescriptions. The drugs may be taken orally, or crushed and injected or snorted to get high. Common drugs that Boise Police find abused in our area include: Ritalin, Dexedrine, OxyContin, Darvon, Vicodin, and Valium

Look for: A single pills or groups of pills mixed together in unmarked bottles or baggies, not professionally packaged.

Paraphernalia: dirty spoons and needles, dirty cotton swabs (used to clean the spoon), dirty cotton balls (used as filters for shooting up), mini torches with butane fuel (used to heat up the spoon), snort tubes piece of cut straw, hollow tube of a pen, may have residue inside.

Storage: Empty pill bottles or small containers.

Parent Resources: Drug Bibles books that contain photos or pills, available at libraries or local books stores. The Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222.


Fentanyl and fentanyl related compounds such as carfentanil and acetyl fentanyl are synthetic opioids. Drugs in this group have varying but often very high levels of potency. In recent years they have become more widely available in the United States and grown as a threat to public safety. It only takes a very small amount of fentanyl or its derivatives- which can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin or mucus membranes (such as being inhaled through the nose or mouth)- to result in severe adverse reactions. As a consequence, not only are users exposed to danger, but so are others who encounter them including the general public, first responders, and law enforcement.


25iDrugIDPage.jpg25i Synthetic Drug - This new synthetically produced drug has begun to show up in the Boise area.  The drug is often compared to LSD. Officers believe 25i has already been responsible for multiple emergency room visits in our community and several deaths across the country.  

Look for: The drug is often found in a powder form and may be inhaled, injected, snorted, or distributed in a capsule or pill form. 25i may also be used in its liquid form blotted out on the back of stamps or pieces of paper similar to the way LSD is often distributed.

Slang and Other Names: Dime, NBOME, 25C, DOB

 Heroin  5854_drugperiphenalia4SMALL.jpgHeroin abuse is something Boise Police are finding among users as young as high school age, although the percentage of high school age heroin users is estimated to be very, very small

Look for: Heroin is delivered in tiny pieces of small, colorful toy balloons with the drug wrapped tightly inside. Occasionally it may be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or foil. A typical user amount of heroin is only the size of a pencil eraser. Tiny bits of plastic, balloons, burned foil or used syringes may be found discarded by users in trash cans.

Slang: Chiva (cheeva), Black

Paraphernalia: syringes, burned spoons, dirty cotton balls or Q-tips, tie bands (used to tie around an arm before injecting). Heroin can be smoked in pipes, but narcotics officers dont find much of that in this area. For more information on Heroin abuse, click here

5843_drugMarijuanna87SMALL.jpgMarijuana  Boise Police find marijuana is probably the most widely used illegal drug  in the valley.         

Slang: Chronic, Dank, Weed, Bud, Green. When high on marijuana, users say someone is baked.

Look for: Marijuana is often kept in baggies. Users may have stickers with the numbers 420, which 


means time to smoke, or 840, double the high. Clocks may be set to these 4:20 or 8:40 . Users may have clothing or posters with marijuana or hemp symbols, or bong on t-shirts and clothing.  

Paraphernalia: pipes, bongs, scales, rolling papers, scales. Glass pipes are popular. Pipes and bongs may be bought or homemade.

Storage: zip-lock baggies (found with residue), wooden boxes, film canisters, other unique small storage containers. For more information on Marijuana abuse,  click here


5845_drugMethshards2SMALL.jpgMeth  Boise Police find meth is one of the most dangerous, widespread drugs abused in our area. Users often begin by snorting the drug, then smoke it, then injected. Crystal Meth is popular now and marketed as more pure, but in reality is no different than colored meth.

Slang: Shards (like shards of glass), Crank, Crystal, CR, Powder. Meth users are Tweekers. Meth is often bought in a T or Teener (1/16th  oz.), or an 8 Ball (1/8th oz.).

5856_drugperiphenaliatorch5SMALL.jpgLook for: A clear, white or brown powder, white or brown chunky material, or white crystals often kept in zip-lock baggies. Users may have 8-Ball symbols on clothing, key chains or posters. Users may wear ball caps with a "CR" symbol. Users may discard corners of sandwich baggies or grocery bags with small bits ripped off, as well as bits of straws heat sealed at the ends.

Paraphernalia: meth pipes are often made of thin glass and may have dark residue inside. Mini torches (not lighters) and butane fuel or propane bottles (the type used for camp stoves). Snort tubes piece of cut straw, hollow tube of a pen, may have residue inside. Needles, syringes, dirty spoons and cotton, scales.

Storage : Meth materials are often kept in purple Crown Royal Bags, or other small storage containers, zip-lock baggies with residue. For more information on Methamphetamine , click here

5837_drugsCocaine2-SMALL.jpgCocaine  Boise Police find cocaine use has decreased with the popularity of meth. Cocaine is more expensive than meth and may be sold with heroin    

Slang: White, Yeah, Coca, Cola, Yola.

Look for: Cocaine is a white, flaky, almost shiny powder (more like flour than meth), often kept tightly wrapped in plastic bags or baggies. May also be tightly wrapped in small pieces of balloons. Rock Cocaine (for smoking) looks like waxy dried white or almond-colored bread.

Paraphernalia: Very small spoons, small mirrors with razor blades, snort tubes rolled dollar bills, piece of cut straw, hollow tube of a pen. Dealers will use scales for measurement.

Storage: Plastic baggies or glass vials, snuff-type dispensers with tiny spoons attached. For more information on Cocaine abuse, click here

5842_drugLSD3SMALL.jpgLSD   is not common in the Boise area but can be easy to conceal. Boise Police find, like club drugs, LSD may be distributed at parties.   

Slang: Acid, Fry. When a user is high on acid, theyre frying.

Look for: tiny, pills-sized papers. A drop of liquid LSD is put on a tiny piece of paper that users put in their mouth.Users will discard stained paper that may be wrapped in foil. Liquid breath freshener bottles with dispensers can be emptied out and filled with LSD. Drops are hits. LSD can be put on candy - look for discolored candy wrapped in foil. To learn more about LSD, click here

5841_drugecstacy2SMALL.jpgEcstasy - Molly  is a Club Drug; pills often sold or given out at bars, parties or raves (underground parties). One pill is usually a dose for the night.

Slang: Molly (in powder form), E, E-tard, E-Bomb when taken with Vics Vapor Rub to enhance the high, Double stack when pills are doubled up. 

Look For: pills with pop culture icons printed on them. Popular icons include a crown, dollar signs, mickey mouse, designer logos like CK. Users will often suck on baby pacifiers. 

Storage: Pills are often kept in baggies or other containers so theyre not crushed or broken.

  • Ecstasy usually refers to a drug that comes in pill form that has been cut with other ingredients and can range from the somewhat innocuous substances of sugar or caffeine to potentially more harmful drugs such as ketamine or methamphetamines.
  • Molly is described as a pure powder form that is often snorted through the nasal passages, making it more difficult to dose than the pill form of ecstasy.
  • Molly has developed a reputation as being of higher quality and more costly than ecstasy pills — though this is not necessarily a deserved reputation because molly can be also be cut with fillers or other potential drugs at any time in the process since it is in a powder form.
  • Ecstasy pills are not as easily tampered with after they have been made (at the beginning of the drug supply chain) because they are pressed into shapes and stamped. However, while some pills have a "good" reputation, there can be significant variations amongst pills with the same stamp based on region and time differences.

Mushrooms   are a hallucinogen that can be used alone, or treated with LSD. Dried mushrooms often smell bad.

Slang: Shrooms.

Look for: dried mushrooms in plastic baggies. May be found with LSD or marijuana. For more information on Ectasy and other Club Drugs, click here

5857_drughideawaycansSMALL.jpgHide Away Containers  People involved in the use or distribution of illegal substances often use hide away containers. The photograph provided on the right is a example of the kind of things you may encounter. Things are not always as they