Child Safety

Kids today, are busier than ever and their world is full and stimulating.  Whether you are at home, at school, at the park, or at the Mall, it is important that children begin the process of knowing how to keep themselves safe.  Learning the necessary common sense tips and tools to personal safety and prevention are essential in educating our younger population.


Protecting our children is a priority we all share and the Boise Police Department is committed to supporting this responsibility in our community.  Here at the Boise Police Department, we offer free child safety programs to the public.  Topics are:

“Child Safety - Beware of Strangers” is designed for the younger grades (K through third), a video is shown and handouts are provided in this 30-minute presentation.  (The McGruff costume is often available.)  Topics include strangers, places to go for help, and appropriate touching. 

“Child Personal Safety” allows children in the upper elementary grades (fourth through sixth) to participate in a half hour presentation on protecting personal property, internet safety, cyberbullying, parties and daily home alone issues.  (We can focus on one or all of the above topics.)

Scheduling is flexible and the material can be customized to fit a specific time (shorter or longer) or area of concern (specific topic). For further information about these classes please contact:

Stephanie Kendall



  • Memorize address and phone number
  • Recognize the difference between a stranger and a trusted adult
  • Know the safe routes to school and to a friend’s house
  • Always use a bike lock and wear a helmet
  • If feeling scared, uncomfortable, or confused about anything, “say no, get away and tell someone”
  • Talk to parents about practicing good safety habits while online