Business & Retail Crime Prevention

Business Crime Prevention

The Boise Police Department has developed a cooperative relationship with agents from a large number of local businesses.  This partnership allows for sharing of critical information with law enforcement and other businesses. These relationships have resulted in a number of arrests for a variety of fraud, theft, even violent crimes. Our goal is to work with retailers and the Boise business community to reduce robberies, retail theft and fraud, crimes that have significant impacts on consumer prices, and to reduce other crimes associated with businesses.

Boise Police offers many services to our business community.  These free services include:

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  • Burglary prevention
  • Robbery prevention and procedures
  • Shoplifting prevention and safe practices
  • Employee theft prevention and detection
  • Vendor theft
  • Check and credit card fraud
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Business security surveys and risk assessment
  • Workplace violence response, prevention, and response
  • Active shooter awareness
  • Emergency procedure planning
  • Other training customized to meet you indivdual business needs

To schedule a visit or for more information, please contact Crime Prevention Supervisor Ed Fritz at (208) 570-6071 or email .

Crime Prevention Tips for your Business

  1. Have adequate lighting both inside and outside of your building

  2. Maintain unobstructed visibility around windows and doors

  3. Keep only a minimum amount of cash on hand

  4. Use a floor safe or a floor-bolted safe to secure cash

  5. Install an audible security alarm system

  6. Install video surveillance cameras on entrances/exits and all money handling areas

  7. Make sure all exterior doors have high security locks

  8. Utilize glass re-enforcing film or security bars on windows

  9. Vary the times and methods when making bank deposits