Speakers Bureau

The Boise Police Department Speakers Bureau provides speakers to schools, businesses, organizations and community Speakersbureau Rgroups within the Boise area free of charge.

The Speakers Bureau program features knowledgeable
 speakers from all areas of the police department who distribute valuable information and answer questions about law enforcement and public safety, as well as give presentations on the various Boise Police Department Divisions and Units.

Available Topics include: -Amber Alerts -Bombs & Explosives -Child Abuse -Citizens Police Academy -Community Policing -Crash Investigations -Crime Analysis/Prevention -Crime Reporting -Dare/Payada Domestic Violence -DUI Testing -Drug Issues/Workplace/Schools/Recognition -Ethics for Law Enforcement -Fraud -Identity Theft -Gangs -Police Practices & Proceedures -Volunteer Opportunities

Requests for a speaker from the Boise Police Department's Speakers Bureau can best be made by filling out the online speakers request form!

Visit the Boise Police Online Forms and Downloads page to submit your request with the appropriate form!

(Please submit your speakers bureau request at least three weeks, 21 days, in advance) Due to time and other contstraints on our officers, if your requested presentation takes part outside the city of Boise it may not be possible to send an officer.