Boise Police News en-us Latest News from Boise Police Copyright © 1999-2014 City of Boise. All rights reserved. Boise Police News (Boise WebMaster) City of Boise Umbraco RSS Generator Fri, 16 Apr 2010 16:53:36 -0600 60 Press Release Boise Police News Latest News from Boise Police webmaster no Officers investigate series of car burglaries on Overland near Cole Road - Searching for Person of Interest 11/25/2014 1:55:02 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Registered Sex Offender Pleads Guilty to New Sex Crimes After ICAC Investigation 11/25/2014 1:10:34 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Officers make arrest after report of a violent sexual assault. Detectives concerned there may be more victims 11/25/2014 1:16:46 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release BSU Game Day Parking, Shuttle, Tailgating Reminders: 10 to 10 Zone remains in effect despite late kick off,-shuttle,-tailgating-reminders-10-to-10-zone-remains-in-effect-despite-late-kick-off/ 11/25/2014 10:46:47 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-shuttle,-tailgating-reminders-10-to-10-zone-remains-in-effect-despite-late-kick-off/ Double Homicide Suspect back in Boise after Extradition from Pennsylvania 11/24/2014 9:08:24 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Bike, Drive or Ride the Bus Downtown? You'll notice a Shift in Bus & Bike Lanes,-drive-or-ride-the-bus-downtown-youll-notice-a-shift-in-bus-bike-lanes/ 11/24/2014 8:54:47 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-drive-or-ride-the-bus-downtown-youll-notice-a-shift-in-bus-bike-lanes/ Holiday travel tips at the Boise Airport 11/24/2014 12:36:00 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release BPD officers arrest man for unlawful entry in neighbor's home, find evidence of arson in his own house; BPD watch log,-find-evidence-of-arson-in-his-own-house-bpd-watch-log/ 11/24/2014 11:27:07 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-find-evidence-of-arson-in-his-own-house-bpd-watch-log/ Just in time for Holiday Travel - Officers Remind you to Buckle Up! Extra Patrols are out!!-extra-patrols-are-out!/ 11/22/2014 12:30:48 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release!-extra-patrols-are-out!/ Wishing a Happy Retirement to Crime Stoppers Coordinator Jan VanHouten 11/20/2014 4:36:52 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release BPD happy to be a Collection Spot for the Marines Toys for Tots Program!!/ 11/20/2014 2:48:10 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release!/ Officers arrest man accused of threatening others with a knife; BPD Watch Log 11/20/2014 10:34:21 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Officers Seek Person of Interest in Theft, Attempted Theft of a Motorcycle & a Pickup,-attempted-theft-of-a-motorcycle-a-pickup/ 11/19/2014 5:08:19 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-attempted-theft-of-a-motorcycle-a-pickup/ Boise PD Honored to be the First Idaho Recipient of a Donation from Firehouse Subs 11/19/2014 4:32:47 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Officers make arrest in alleged cash theft from museum; Crash involves Driver with Excessive DUI; BPD Watch Log 11/19/2014 10:10:37 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Suspects Charged with Stealing Checks & ID from Cars, then Stealing from Victims Accounts,-then-stealing-from-victims-accounts/ 11/18/2014 10:08:29 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-then-stealing-from-victims-accounts/ Officer and another pedestrian injured by accused DUI driver; BPD Watch Log 11/17/2014 4:26:53 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Officers arrest driver for felony DUI after damaging a deicing truck; BPD Watch Log 11/14/2014 3:47:23 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Officers Searching for Involved Vehicle after Pedestrian Hit in North Boise 11/13/2014 2:58:15 PM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release Be Ready for Winter Driving... Yes, Already!,-already!/ 11/13/2014 8:02:33 AM (Boise Webmaster) Press Release,-already!/