Neighborhood Contact Officers

Neighborhood Contact Officers are available to help solve long term problems that impact neighborhood safety.

If you need police assistance immediately, please call 911!

Email is the best way to contact your NCO! Use the map link below to identify your NCO. Click on their name for a direct email.

What is Community Policing?

Community Policing is both a philosophy and an organizational strategy that allows police and community residents to work closely together in new ways to solve the problems of crime, fear of crime, physical and social disorders, and neighborhood decay.

Goals of Community Policing

  • Maintain or increase public confidence in the Police Department.
  • Decrease fear of crime.
  • Listen to and address citizen concerns.
  • Bring community resources together to solve problems.
  • Impact specific crime problems.
  • Reduce repetitive calls for service.
  • Educate the public about its Police Department.

The Community Policing / Neighborhood Contact Team: 

Locate your NCO: Using * this map*,  find your location and the corresponding reporting district to identify your NCO on the chart below.

Again email is the best way to contact your NCO! Again, if you need police assistance immediately, please call 911!


Area                                            NCO                                                     Office #


Sgt.                                         S. BUTLER                                                  570-6425


A                                             J. TUCKER                                                 570-6418


D                                            S. KEELY                                                   570-6417


E                                            M. NANCE                                                   570-6422


B/Rove                                 K. WITTMUSS                                               570-6421


Refugee Liaison                     D. ROBINSON                                               570-6423


Alcohol Compliance               J. GALLOWAY                                              395-7864




Sgt.                                        M. BRYNGELSON                                       570-6412


A                                            G. BOURGEAU                                           570-6416


D                                            T. WEIR                                                      570-6415


E                                            T. PHILLIPS                                                570-6413


Retail Theft                            C. EVANS                                                   570-6424

LE Tech                                 L. WHITON                                                  570-6410

Admin                                    M. CHELDELIN                                           570-6400