Commercial Enforcement

Comm-Veh-Enforcement image.jpgThe mission of the Boise Police Department Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is to ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles within the City of Boise, while reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

This mission is accomplished through education and enforcement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Idaho State Code and Boise City Ordinance. In addition to the inspection of commercial motor vehicles, the unit is responsible for enforcement of size and weight laws relating to commercial vehicles. The unit also provides technical assistance to other units within the Boise Police Department as well as outside agencies regarding motor vehicle collisions and commercial vehicle regulations.

The Boise Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is supervised by a Sergeant who monitors and oversees the performance of assigned CVE Officers. It is the responsibility of the Sergeant to provide a professional work environment while leading and assisting the assigned CVE Officers in the accomplishment of the units objectives.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Specialist: Officers will seek to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Unit and the Boise Police Department.

Training/Certification Level :

All assigned CVE Specialists maintain a minimum CVSA Level 1 inspection qualification. At least one of the assigned officers maintain a CVSA Level 6 enhanced qualification so that they may be of assistance in the movement and response to accidents of vehicles containing radioactive material. All assigned officers attend the CVSA Parts A and B class as well as General Hazardous Materials, Cargo Tank Inspection and Other Bulk Packaging Materials courses. The officers will be expected to maintain these certifications throughout their assignment with the CVE Unit. Other courses, conferences and training will be utilized to assist CVE Specialists in their assignment.

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