K-9 Unit

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The Boise Police canine teams are used in a variety of ways while deployed on shift. One of the most common uses is for drug detection when patrol officers have arrested a suspect and have probable cause to believe illegal drugs may be present in vehicles, buildings or other locations. Because of the extensive training the canines receive and their acute sense of smell, they are extremely proficient in locating hidden drugs. They often locate illegal drugs in areas where a patrol officer cannot see.

Several BPD canines are also trained to locate and apprehend violent criminal suspects. With their extensive training and sense of smell, they often locate hidden suspects in locations where officers may not have been able to safely locate them. The dogs are very proficient at tracking and locating suspects that have fled crime scenes, searching large open areas such as parks and parking lots, and building searches including crawl spaces and attics.

In addition to finding and apprehending the actual suspects, the canines can also be used to locate articles dropped or hidden by fleeing suspects, such as weapons or clothing. These article searches are performed just like a canine might search for a suspect.

Today, the Boise Police Canine Unit consists of:

  • 3 drug detection dogs. All BPD drug detection dogs are certified by the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy, having achieved the required 100% proficiency.  One of the Boise Police drug detection dogs is adopted from the Idaho Humane Society animal shelters. The other two were acquired through citizens or other contacts at no initial cost to the department. Of the three BPD drug detection dogs, one is a Lab mix, the others are a German Shepherd- Belgian Malanois mix.
  • 5 drug detection/suspect apprehension dogs. These dual purpose dogs are purchased at a young age and can be very costly due to their breeding and early training. Many dual purpose police patrol dogs are born in Europe and later sent to American suppliers who then sell the dogs to police agencies. These dogs require in depth training with their handler before they are ready for police work. Four of the Boise Police drug detection/suspect apprehension patrol dogs are Belgian Malanois, the fifth is a German Shepherd.
  • 5 explosive detection dogs. These dogs are assigned to the Boise Airport but are often called upon to respond to any location throughout the Treasure Valley. These dogs are purchased with Homeland Security funds. Four of BPD's explosive detection dogs are Labs, the fifth is a German Shepherd.

BPD K-9 History

The Boise Police Department implemented a patrol canine program in 1995 with the first canine/handler teams going into service in early in 1996. The Canine Unit is comprised of the canine/handler teams and two Sergeants. A Lieutenant is assigned as the program coordinator. The patrol unit teams are assigned to each of the day, swing and night shift teams as members of that patrol team. The canines used by the Boise Police Department are trained extensively in handler protection, suspect apprehension and drug detection.

Questions & Answers about BPD K-9's

Q.  What kind of dogs does the Boise Police Department use? 

A.  All of our dogs currently are either Labs, German Shepherds or Belgian Malanois.  The dual purpose drug detection-suspect apprehension dogs are imported from Europe and receive training both in Europe and in the United States prior to being placed on a patrol shift.

Q.  Where do the dogs live when they are not working?

A.  All of the canines reside with the handler in their residence when not on duty and become part of the family.  This

gives the dog a chance to socialize with people other than the handler and to have a secure location so they can recover from the stress of a normal working day.

 Q.  Are these dogs vicious or dangerous?

A.  No. On the contrary.  The selection process for the dogs stresses the selection of social dogs who deal well with people.  Although each dog has a distinct personality, just as people do, the dogs are comfortable around people.  It is important however, to ask the handler for permission to pet the dog as they are trained to protect the handler from a sudden attack and may misinterpret a sudden movement towards them as a threat.  In addition, because of the strenuous nature of the work they do, the dogs occasionally develop sore spots which the handler is generally aware of and can help you avoid. As with all animals, it is never a wise choice to tease the dogs.

 Trading Card K9 - Kamo - W.jpg



Kamo is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. He was given to us as a 2-year-old in October of 2009, by a Canyon County Deputy who trains police dogs. Kamo became a certified Drug-Detection Dog in April of 2010. During his first year on the job, Kamo completed over 200 deployments. Kamo absolutely loves working as a Boise Police Canine.




Trading Card K9 - Turk - W.jpg




Turk is an energetic yellow Labrador who was generously donated to the Boise Police Department by a local citizen. He is trained and certified in drug detection and works harder and longer than the Energizer Bunny. Turk once sniffed out 12 pounds of meth valued at $250,000! It is due to the help and partnerships with people like Turk's prior owner that allow the Boise K9 Unit to be successful. 




Trading Card K9 - Ruwa - W.jpg




Ruwa (pronounced roo-wha) is an 85 pound Belgian Malinois born in Belgium in 2006. He came to the Boise Police Department in 2009 and was trained as a patrol and drug dog. Ruwa loves to sniff out illegal drugs and chase down bad guys! He even broke off a tooth once while apprehending a bad guy! Ruwa's favorite treat is string cheese. 




Trading Card K9 - Appie -W.jpg




Appie is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He was born in April 2009 to a dog breeder in Europe. He was originally bred to be a hunting or sporting dog. Appie was recruited, based on his keen sniffing abiliities, to be a TSA Dog and was trained to search for explosives. Appie has been with the Boise Police Department since August 2011. Appie enjoys playing fetch, sleeping, and taking long naps. 




Trading Card K9 - Bella - W.jpg




Bella is a five year old Labrador Retriever from Alabama. She joined the Boise Police Airport Unit in August of 2012, and is trained to sniff out explosives. Bella works full time at the Boise Airport keeping passengers safe, but can be called out for school searches, VIP Visits, and special events. In her off time Bella enjoys swimming in the Boise River and walks on the Greenbelt.




Trading Card K9 - Dasty I - W.jpg



 "Dasty I"

 Dasty I is a 76 pound sable-coated male German Shepherd from Germany. Dasty I was selected for the Explosive Detection Canine Team where he trained for ten weeks in explosive detection. He works hard to keep the citizens of Boise safe by sniffing and searching baggage, vehicles, and airplanes at the Boise Airport. 




Trading Card K9 - Dasty II - W.jpg



  "Dasty II"

 Dasty II is a "black and tan" German Shepherd, born in Germany in June 2009. Dasty is part of the Explosive Detection Canine Team. He enjoys protecting people who travel through the Boise Airport. He likes to play ball and run in the yard on his days off. 





Trading Card K9 - Diesel - W.jpg




Diesel is a 73 pound Belgian Malinois who was born in Holland in 2009. He joined the Boise Police Department in 2011. Diesel was trained by the BPD to be a drug detection dog and patrol (apprehension) dog. Diesel loves to sniff out illegal drugs so that he can play fetch. He also likes to play catch with his handler if he can. Diesel is a happy go lucky dog. In his free time he loves to get his belly scratched. 




Trading Card K9 - Jackson - W.jpg




Jackson is a black Lab/Border Collie mix who was adopted from the Idaho Humane Society in March of 2013 when he was 2 years old. He came to the Boise Police without a name, but one was soon chosen through a Facebook contest. Jackson is named after World War II Medal of Honor recipient Arthur J. Jackson who lives in Boise. K9 Jackson loves to chase a tennis ball (his reward for a job well done!), play with his "sister" Bailey (a red Australian Shepherd), and find sticks in the yard to chew on them. 



Trading Card K9 - Jardo - W.jpg




Jardo is a Belgian Malinois and was born in Europe. He joined the Boise Police Department in 2013 when he was 2 years old. He is trained to track and apprehend dangerous criminals. Jardo is also trained to find evidence of crimes and locate dangerous street drugs. He apprehended a dangerous gang member his very first week on patrol. Jardo loves playing with his friend (Lady the black lab) at home. He likes to keep cool by swimming in the canal by his house. 




Trading Card K9 - Vegas - W.jpg




Vegas is a Labrador/Viszla mix. She was born and bred near Auburn, Alabama specifically for explosives detection. She spent two years as a Department of Defense dog being trained for a contract in Afghanistan. Her contract was canceled and she was given to Homeland Security. Via that agency she found her way to Boise and joined the Boise Police Department in August 2012. She is currently assigned to the Airport and works closely with the FBI, ATF, and Secret Service. 



Trading Card K9 - Vigo -W.jpg




Vigo is a 62 pound Belgian Malinois who was born in Holland in 2005 and came to Boise in 2007. He was trained by the Boise Police Department to be a drug dog and patrol (apprehension) dog. Whether it's sniffing out hidden drugs or playing "Catch me if you can" with bad guys, he loves to play hide-n-seek! Vigo is known by his family as being "aggressively affectionate!"