Boise State University

You can find BPD at BSU at 2245 University Drive

If you have an emergency on campus, call 911.  For other Boise State related calls, dial 426-6911.

Boise Police are proud to partner with Boise State University for police and security services to students, faculty and campus special events.

Boise Police believe that campus presence enchances service, not only to the University, but also to surrounding neighborhoods, as officers, area residents and the campus community work together on public safety issues.

The BPD at BSU Team consists of six officers and one Lieutenant. Boise Police provide 24/7 coverage of the campus and also work closely with Campus Security. The BPD at the BSU substation is also staffed 24/7 with 5 Customer Service Specialists.

BPD at BSU is part of the Boise Police Valley Division. Our function is to provide continuous police protection for the campus and to handle all criminal matters occurring on Campus Property.

You'll find Boise Police Officers patrolling the campus in marked police vehicles, on bicycles, and on foot. Boise Police also provide police protection and security at all major university functions such as concerts, sporting events, etc.

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Programs at BSU

Ask-a-Cop,Property Engraving, Bike Registration Program, Free Self-Defense Classes, Crime Prevention Education, Online Crime Reporting System, Housing Outreach Program, Neighborhood Outreach Program, Athletic Program Partnerships, Active Shooter, Prevention Seminars, Criminal Justice Partnership Programs, Security Surveys, Free Emergency Cell Phones, Safety Escorts, Crimestoppers Program, Child Identification Program, Greenbelt/Housing Safety Project, University Drive Traffic Safety Project, Volunteer Campus Corps, BSU Executive Training/Tabletop Exercise Workshops, BSU Neighborhood Party Patrols, Annual Security Survey Safety Program, Campus Safety Presentations.

Boise PD Services at BSU

24/7/365 Substation Services (5 Civilians), 24/7/365 Police Officers (7 Officers), Proactive Patrols (4 assigned vehicles), Student Ride-along program, Drink-Smart Alcohol Program, Foot Patrols, Bicycle Patrols, Utility Vehicle Patrols (1 Utility Vehicle), Safety Escorts, Speed Limit Education Services (1 Trailer and Reader-board), Campus Evacuation Plan Program, Rapid Response Training/Equipment/Education, Drug Education For University Housing Staff, New Student Orientation Presentations, Sexual Assault Prevention Partnerships, Traffic Enforcement, Volunteer Campus Corps, Crime Prevention Surveys For BSU Venues, And More!

Special Event Services

OfficerincrowdatBSU.jpgConcerts (Taco Bell Arena/Morrison Center), Sporting Events (Football/Basketball), Special Olympics, Cultural Center Events (MLK march, INC Pow-Wow, Cinco de Mayo, Tunnel of Oppression etc), VIP Security (Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Joe Biden, etc), Women's Center Events (Monologues), Security Standby (Discipline Hearings, Human Resources, etc), Class Presentations To Students, Concerts, speeches, parades, marches on campus, Criminal Investigation Services, Police Honor Guard (Commencement/Sporting Events), And More!

Boise PD & BSU Partnerships

Sexual Assault Response MOU, Smoke-free Campus Coalition, Athletic Program Game Mgt Teams, CJ Program Mock Oral Boards, Taser Analysis Team (Engineering), Campus Weapon-free Legislation Effort, University Drive Safety Program, VT Response/Recommendation Team, Campus Building Coordinator Program, Executive Training (Tabletops, Emerg Mgt Summit), Office Of Student Rights/Responsibilities Outreach, New Student & Family Services, CJ Student Internships and part-time employment, BSU Executive and Boise City Executive Partnerships.


If you have a public safety issue you'd like to bring up to BPD at BSU, dial 426-6911.