Bike Safety Presentations

The main focus for the unit is bicycle helmet education for Public schools for students in the 3rd to 5th Grades.Bikesnewoct 2013 3 R

Our secondary focus is doing bicycle rodeos in partnership with the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance/Boise Street Smart Cycling.

The only bicycle rodeo the Unit does on a solo basis is the Burgers for Bikes Rodeo.

The Unit only does bicycle safety presentations for the public sector or the “not for profit” sector.  The Unit does  NOT do bicycle safety presentations for the private, for profit, sector.

The only exception to the "for profit private sector" rule is if the organization services challenged or handicapped citizens.  Those applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

  Please refer inquiries for the private sector to the following:        Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance          Boise Street Smart Cycling          YMCA Safe Routes to School                  Boise Bicycle Project

If your presentation request meets the criteria listed above, you can submit a request for a Bicycle Safety presentation by the Boise Police Department by clicking here!   Due to time and other contstraints on our officers, if your requested presentation takes place outside the City of Boise it may not be possible to send an officer.