Bar Team

The primary goal of the Boise City Police Department Bar Team is to reduce violence and the fear of victimization in the downtown core area.

In general terms we strive to increase safety and reduce property damage through the appropriate use of education, engineering and enforcement of existing laws.  We also work with the  Boise City Attorney to ensure that existing laws enable us to achieve our goal.


Tips to having fun with minimal police interaction:

  • Be Nice.  Don't over-do it and lose control.
  • Have a plan for getting home safely.  While the members of our STEP team are very nice, they won't be giving you a ride home.
  • Taxis may be found on Main St. between 8th St. and Capitol Blvd. - and - on 6th Street between Idaho St. and Main St.
  • Don't fight.  If you fight, you will go to jail.
  • If you get drunk and create a disturbance you will likely have about $300.00 added to the cost of your evening.  Again, have fun and be nice.
  • Use the restroom BEFORE you leave the business.  Using the alley, parking lot, sidewalk, etc. may also add a bit to your evening.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed on sidewalks, parking lots, alleys, vehicles or anyplace else that is "public" property.
  • Wait for the "walk" symbol.  We not only issue citations to people who step in front of traffic, we also call ambulances for them.
  • If you are under-age DO NOT try to drink downtown.
  • Lying to the police is a sure way to get a ride to jail.  Also, it's not nice.  Remember, being nice is the best way to avoid problems downtown.

Fore-warned is fore-armed:Dtbarteam R

We cite or arrest for the following offenses nearly every night.

Boise City Code 

06-01-02  Battery

06-01-06  Public Intoxication

06-01-09  Disturbing the Peace

06-01-10  Fighting

06-01-15  Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol in Public

06-01-18  Public Urination

06-01-19  Possession of a False Identification Card

06-20-03  Noise Prohibitions - 100 feet from a building

10-20-02  Noise Prohibitions - 50 feet from a vehicle


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