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Monday, April 15, 2013

See Something - Say Something: Chief Masterson's comments following today's tragedy in Boston

Boise, April 15, 2013 - Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson says the biggest message we can take from today’s Boston tragedy is that public safety and security is up to all of us. The Chief emphasized a message coined by the Department of Homeland Security: See Something – Say Something, meaning to call police immediately if you believe you see suspicious activity.

Chief Masterson acknowledges the sad fact that what happened in Boston today could happen anywhere if someone were determined and cowardly enough to try and hurt innocent people at a large public event. The Chief says Boise Police and all local police agencies have and will continue to work closely with organizers to make security plans specific to each public event., albeit with an even  heightened sense of vigilance and awareness after today’s tragedy.

“Terrorists have a goal of wanting citizens to live in fear. We do live in a time of heightened vigilance, but we can’t over-react and restrict the personal freedoms that allow citizens to enjoy public events and venues. People understand there are threats and we all can can take heart by knowing we can make a difference by taking action when we see something to say something and let police work to assess and identify any danger,” said the Chief.

The Chief says law enforcement agencies in Ada and Canyon Counties immediately came together last week to cooperatively investigate a series of bomb threats. That investigation led to the arrest of a Meridian teenager accused of making 17 threats to schools and businesses. The teen was apparently communicating over the Internet with a teen in Australia coordinating the threats. A key part of the investigation says Chief Masterson, was information received by citizens and developed by law enforcement that led to the arrest.

Chief Masterson also speaks for all the members of the Boise Police Department in relaying his thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the tragedy today in Boston. Our support goes out to those tending to the injured and to those skilled investigators working to find and hold accountable those responsible.