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Friday, April 05, 2013

Name BPD's Newest K9 Contest!

The Rookie needs a name! Have a suggestion?

Boise, April 5, 2013 - Meet the newest “pup” on the force. He’s a two-year-old Lab, Border Collie mix, and although he’s only been in training for less than a month, officers can tell he’s going to make an excellent partner!040513 Name BPD K9 Contest

Members of the Boise Police Canine Unit, searching for a new addition, recently found this little guy thanks to a great working relationship with the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. Officers could quickly see he was very high energy with a high drive for playing with a tennis ball. An evaluation by a certified BPD K9 trainer showed he has all the makings to be a great drug detection dog. He’s now assigned to an officer/ handler and both are receiving  POST certified training by BPD’s own in-house certified K9 trainer.  

To help raise awareness of the great work these four-legged officers do, and to bring attention to the Boise Police Canine Foundation, BPD is asking local dog lovers to help name our new police service dog!

About the Contest: Members of the BPD K9 unit will chose the winning name from those submitted on the BPD K9 Facebook page.

In addition to naming the new dog, the winner will also get:

  • $100 cash award
  • Opportunity to meet and have a photo taken with the dog and his handler
  • Opportunity to be a guest at a BPD K9 training
  • BPD K9 t-shirt
  • BPD K9 stickers
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson.

The two-runners up will also receive recognition and special prizes!

How to Enter: Send your entry via Message to the Boise Police K9 page on Facebook. Only entries entered via messaging the BPD K9 Facebook page can be considered.

Add a Story:  Often the best names are a tribute to someone special or have meaningful significance. If your name suggestion has a special meaning, please share the story with us when you submit your entry.

Also, be sure to “like” the Boise Police K9 Facebook page for continuous photos and updates on the newest dog and his ongoing training.


  • Entries open today!
  • Entries will close at midnight Friday, April 19th.
  • The winning name will be announced on the Boise Police K9 Facebook page Wednesday, May 1st. The top three winners will be notified via private messaging on Facebook.

Thank you! We look forward to giving our newest recruit a name worthy of the service he will bring to the City of Boise!