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Friday, August 10, 2012

Officers warn young people; Fake ID's are not safe

      Over the last few months, Boise Police have been investigating fake ID problems in Boise. Most fake ID's, coming from China, are not only a Boise issue, they are a problem across the state of Idaho and the country. After interviewing several minors, college aged young people and bar owners, BPD officers have determined that we have a large amount of fake ID's floating around the valley. Officers estimate thousands of minors, ranging from 15 to 20 years old, have purchased these ID's can cost up to $100.00 per ID.

"Fake ID's are nothing new to society, but these new type of fake ID's are something we have never seen before." says Boise Police Officer Jermaine Galloway, who has been researching and investigating these ID's. "I have talked to colleagues in multiple states who have been dealing with this problem even longer than we have in Boise."

 Officers have recovered fake Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Wisconsin ID's among others floating around the city of Boise. There are also fake Idaho ID's floating around the east coast. Officers (especially in college communities) are inundated with these type of fake ID's.
  Most of the people are getting their fraudulent ID's from a website called ID Chief This website produces multiple different state ID's including Idaho. Law Enforcement across the country are running into ID's that "scan." This means the bar code on the back of the ID provides fraudulent information.

  These ID's are being used to purchase alcohol, but they are also being used in identity theft scams, fraudulent bank accounts, and to avoiding apprehension on outstanding warrants.
"A couple of the ID's are spot on, they are hard to tell that they are fake. Others have flaws that are easy to identify if you know what you are looking for." says Officer Galloway.
Boise Police are spending a lot of time providing training to officers, bar owners and restaurants, in an attempt to show them what to look for and identify fake ID's.
Minors and identity theft:
When someone purchases one of these ID's they automatically get two ID's for $200.00.  The more friends that you get to go in with you the cheaper the cost. Minors are sending their photo, signature, sometimes their personal information to China. In around 10 days the fake ID is delivered via the mail. College students are not the only ones purchasing these fake ID's, officers have found high school students purchasing these ID's in bulk and using them at bars, convenience stores and restaurants.

What the kids are not aware of, is in some cases that their personal info is being used and sold by the company in China.




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Charles McClure

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