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Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Annual "Alley Cat Bike Race-Pedaling to Protect Idaho's Children"

  We are happy to announce the First Annual "Alley Cat Bike Race-Pedaling to Protect Idaho's Children" to support the Internet Crimes against Children Foundation. 

  100% of the funds raised are dedicated to the identification and/or rescue of sexually abused children, long term victim support and community education and prevention. Your support literally means more children involved in sexual abuse situations will be identified and rescued, and the offender held responsible.  In 24 months Internet Crimes against Children investigations have identified and removed 39 children that were actively being sexually abused!  With your support we know we can do more!

  What: The First annual "Alley Cat bike Race-Pedaling to Protect idaho's Children" fundraiser

  When: Race registration starts at 11:30 on September 8th, 2012, the race starts at 12:30.

  Where: Registration will be in the back parking lot of the Washington Group Plaza.  Racers will have 3 hours (until 3:30 PM) to complete the race; some may need that much time and others will not.  There is an after race get together at the Stone House from 3:30-5:30 for those racers and volunteers that want to attend.  For those that are interested there will be free beverages and snacks after the race.

  Registration can be completed on-line at   For additional information Please check out our website at
For those that don't know what an Alley Cat Bike Race is here is a description:

  The race is designed to cater to all levels of participation, from the person who just wants to have fun and go to the entertaining events, to the serious bicyclist who wants to race for time. 
  Racers will be competing in 15 fun filled stages to acquire the most points.  The stages are designed to be fun and interactive, and include games like Human Hungry Hungry Hippo, name that tune and Internet safety.  The guy and gal with the most points at the end of the race takes home the grand prize.
* Checkpoints - The first checkpoint is given at the start of the race, and on arrival the next checkpoint is revealed to the racer. These work in much the same way a messenger would be assigned deliveries over the course of a day. The route to a checkpoint is left up to the rider and showcases a rider's knowledge of the area.

* Task Checkpoints - In some races upon arriving at a checkpoint the rider may have to perform a task or trick before being given the next location. This allows organizers to be as creative as they desire. Task checkpoints can involve physical tasks, such as climbing stairs, taking a shot of hot sauce, performing a skillful trick, or can test the racer's mind, such as reciting trivia or messenger related knowledge. Often there is not a task at all of the checkpoints in a race and tasks/checkpoints can sometimes be skipped (potentially at a loss of points) if a rider feels that time to complete a task is not worth the points they would earn.

* Checkpoints Up Front - A common format is for organizers to give the checkpoints/manifest 5–30 minutes before the start of the race. This allows the rider to choose the best route between stops.

* Point Collection - Some races use a scavenger hunt style race where each stop is worth a certain number of points. These are often races of the Checkpoints Up Front variety and a rider may decide to not stop at some checkpoints valuing an earlier completion time over the points a particular stop may earn them.
  Riders do not wear conventional race numbers; instead, "spoke cards" often specially printed for the event, have the rider's race number added with a marker pen and are then wedged between the spokes of the rear wheel. Spoke cards are often kept on the wheel by riders as a souvenir, leading to an accumulation of them over time.
  People can ride individually or they can ride in groups; however prizes will be awarded on an individual basis.  We have some great prizes to give away to include tickets to the Boise Philharmonic, free dinners and many more. 

For more information go to