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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Boise PD's new patrol cars win Best Dodge Charger design!

The Boise PD's new patrol cars win Best Dodge Charger design!

    Boise, Sept. 2011 - Boise Police are proud to announce the design of department's new patrol cars recently won "Best Dodge Charger" in the 2011 International Police Vehicle Design Contest sponsored by Law and Order Magazine.

    "This is especially exciting because the car was designed by a group of BPD officers in partnership with a local Boise design firm. We like it, and we're hearing great things about not only the the look and design of the car, but the improved functionality as well," said Boise Police Capt. Eugene Smith who helped lead the design team.

    Graphics "Modern, Bold and Distinct": The judges said "The graphics on the Boise Police patrol car are distinct. The design includes bold professional lettering, clearly identifying the vehicle with the Boise Police Department. The United States flag is displayed in the shape of Idaho and shows the modern mission of the department of service, protection and leadership.

    "The black, blue, gray color scheme on this vehicle looks great! We especially like the "Protect, Serve, Lead" lettering with the stars on the back end."

    According to the magazine, more than 250 vehicles were entered in several categories for the contest that included designs for different makes as well as SUV, Community Relations, motors, SWAT and vintage police cars. The judges included a Police Chief from Illinois, a Police Captain from Indiana, and a car industry expert who specializes in police vehicles and equipment. The judging also included readers of Law and Order magazine.

    First Redesign in 25 Years: The new Dodge Charger patrol cars were unveiled by Boise Police last May. The Dodge Charger replaces the Ford Crown Victoria which the department has used for patrol for the past 25 years. Ford is taking the Crown Vic out of production. A new vehicle meant an opportunity for a new re-design on of the Boise Police patrol vehicles in 25 years. The redesign follow months of research and effort by Boise Police employees. The BPD employee committee did much of the exterior design work in partnership with Trademark Sign Company of Boise.

    "We're very proud of the new design," said Chief Masterson at the design unveiling. "The designs are modern and bold, and also carry on some meaningful traditions, like the 'thin blue line' representing our officers that stand between good and evil, the blue ribbon in memory of fallen officers, and the Statehouse, the trees and the American flags that are images that portray our position as the police department for Idaho's Capital City. These new designs move us well into the future, and carry those traditional symbols that have become important to us and this community."

    For more on the new patrol cars, see the news release issued May 6, 2011: BPD Unveils New Logo, New Car, New Officer Safety Improvements!

    Car shown at Police Fleet Expo: August 23 - 26, the newly designed BPD patrol car was featured in St. Louis for the national Police Fleet Expo. Some of the most notable new safety features on the car include the more visible and versatile lighting, a new product of a growing Boise company, ECCO/NOVA. Photos of the new patrol car being shipped to St. Louis are featured in a posting on the Boise Police Facebook page at 

     ECCO, at the company's expense, also took the new police car to the Police Fleet Expo in Pasadena, California where it received very positive reviews and even garnered attention from Chrysler Corporation representatives and numerous others in the emergency equipment industry. The Pasadena fleet show was so positive, company execs again at their expense, took the car to the larger national St. Louis show in hopes of garnering even more new businesses. Another Boise business, MAC Transportation, a division of Naylor's Towing transported the new Charger to St. Louis.