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Monday, August 02, 2010

Man charged with Biting Victim's nose off; panty thief; man with hatchett attacks pop machine; weekend felony arrests

08-02-10 - Man charged with Biting Victim's nose off; panty thief; man with hatchett attacks pop machine; weekend felony arrests

   Boise, August 2, 2010 -    Boise Police responded to a call of a man armed with a hatchet at a Broadway Ave. motel Sunday night, August 1st, approx 8:46 p.m.. Officers arrived within moments and found the man had used the hatchet to attack a pop machine. The suspect indicated to officers he attacked the pop machine because he believed someone may be trapped inside.

Arrested: Chris P. Collins, 47, transient
Charges: Possession of Controlled Substance - meth (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m), Malicious injury to property (m)

     The suspect, Collins, followed officer's orders to sit down and peacefully hand over the hatchet. The suspect provided officers with the key to his motel room. Inside the room officers found two used syringes and a spoon with white residue. Fluid in the syringe field tested positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was arrested on the above charges and booked into the Ada County Jail.


Arrested: John Olele, 30, Boise
Charge: Mayhem (F)

Boise Police were called to a fight in progress at a home near Cloverdale and Fairview late Sunday night, Augusy 1st, approx 9:49 p.m.. Both the suspect and victim reportedly live in the home but are not related. The witness calling 911 reported there were injuries so officers responded code 3 (emergency lights and sirens). Boise firefighters and paramedics staged nearby, ready to assist when officers deemed the area safe.
When officers arrived at the house, they found the victim, an adult male with most of his nose missing. After investigating, officers found evidence the suspect, Olele bit the victim's nose off after a verbal argument turned violent. Officers searched the yard where the fight occurred but were unable to find the victim's missing nose. The victim was hospitalized for his injuries.

18-5001.MAYHEM DEFINED. Every person who unlawfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body, or disables, disfigures or renders it useless, or cuts out or disables the tongue, puts out an eye, slits the nose, ear or lip, is guilty of mayhem.

18-5002.PUNISHMENT FOR MAYHEM. Mayhem is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding fourteen years.


Arrested: Jason D. Sherrill, 37, Boise
Charges: Burglary (F), Grand Theft(F)

    Boise Police were called by a woman Sunday afternoon who told police dispatchers she'd just seen a man leaving her apartment in the area of S. Gekeler Ln and Linden St. The woman and three other witnesses were able to give officers a description of the man and the bike he was riding.
A short time later, an officer spotted a man matching the suspect description riding a bike on Federal Way. The man allowed officers to look inside his fanny pack, where officers found a $50 bill, a red cell phone and women's underwear, all items that were reported stolen. After further investigation, officers found additional evidence linking the suspect to the burglary.

Arrested: Eric N. McDonald, 19, Boise
Charges: Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (F), Illegal Consumption of Alcohol (m)

    Boise Police were called by neighbors complaining of a loud party early Monday morning, August 2nd, at approx 3:21 a.m.. Officers arrived to the home, near Sweetwater and Eastgate Dr. and found the housesitter, Justin E. Maher, 22, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for petit theft. Upon his arrest, Maher indicated to officers he wished the house keys be turned over to two people inside the home. Officers found both people inside the home were under age 21 and had been drinking. One of them, the suspect McDonald, gave officers false information as to his name. Officers say the suspect then tried to leave the home, and when an officer attempted to detain him, he pushed the officer in the chest. The suspects McDonald and Maher were arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail.

Arrested: Rachel K. Thompson, 20, Boise
Charge: Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs (F)

Arrested: Pablo Guzman, 19, Boise
Charge: Resisting and Obstructing Officers (m)

    Boise Police were called by employees of a convenience store who said they were witnessing what appeared to be a fight with a knife in the store parking lot at Cole & Franklin. When officers arrived, a darker skinned male, later identified as Guzman ran. After a short foot chase, he was captured and arrested on R & O.

    Officers in the parking lot found a car witnesses said belonged to the suspect Guzman and the woman he was reportedly arguing with, Thompson. In plain view in the car in an open purse, officers could see a bottle of prescription narcotic pain meds. The name on the prescription bottle was neither suspect. The suspect Thompson said the purse belonged to her. She was arrested on the above charge. In a subsequent search of the purse, officers found a second bottle of prescription pain meds, that included pills and what appeared to be powder made from crushed pills. Both suspects were booked into the Ada County Jail.

Arrested: Shawn L. Sherman, 27, Boise
Charges: Malicious Injury to Property (F), Petit Theft (m)

Boise Police were called by a citizen reporting that the suspect, Sherman had just left the victims home near Roosevelt and Rose Hill, taking property that belonged to the victim. The victim and suspect are known to each other. The victim also reported the suspect had broken and destroyed a number of items in the victim's home following an argument.
Officers located the suspect a short time later in the parking lot of a nearby retail store. Officers also located some of the stolen items, including an X-box and video games. Investigating officers say there's some evidence the suspect stole the items to pay for illegal drugs.  

Arrested: Viola M. Kosoff, 25, Boise
Charge: Burglary (F)

    Boise Police were called by employees of a major retail store on the 8300 blk of W. Overland Friday afternoon approx 5:32 p.m. Employees said they witnessed the suspect, Kosoff, leave the store without paying for several items, including jewelry. Investigating officers found evidence that indicates the suspect entered the store with the intention of committing the crime, thus the felony Burglary charge. She was booked into the Ada County Jail.

Arrested: Sean S. Hurst, 24, Boise
Charges: Burglary (F), Trespassing (m)

Arrested: Alexander M. Metts, 21, Boise
Charge: Burglary (F)

    Boise Police were called by employees of a major retail store on the 8300 blk of W. Overland Friday night at approx 11:07 p.m. Employees told officers they witnessed a man leave the store with a lap top without paying for it. Based on witness descriptions, officers located the suspect Metts in a nearby parking lot.

    Witnesses also reported the suspect Hurst still in the store. Witnesses recognized Hurst as previously being trespassed from the property. Officers located the suspect Hurst still inside the store and arrested him for trespassing. Further investigation revealed evidence that led officers to believe Metts and Hurst had been working together on the theft of the lap top, and that both had entered the store with the intention to steal, resulting in the felony burglary charge. Both were arrested on the above charges and booked into the Ada County Jail.