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Friday, January 16, 2009

01-16-09 Burglary Arrest - Markings Help Recover Victim's Stolen Items

01-16-09 Burglary Arrest - Markings Help Recover Victim's Stolen Items
   Boise, Jan. 16, 2008 - Boise Police arrested a man Thursday for burglarizing a home last September. Among the items stolen were approx. $40,000 in construction tools and $10,000 in personal items.
     Boise Police Detectives say, thanks to the markings the victim put on his tools, officers believe they have found nearly all of the items that were stolen.
       "Some of the items taken are very valuable. We're thrilled to be able to find, identify and now return all these items to the victim." said Sgt. Randy Buzzini, of the Boise Police Property and Financial Crimes Unit.
      "It's thanks to the victim being aware of how to mark items to identify the item, that's helping us, said Sgt. Buzzini. "We really wish more people would do this. It helps us help them." said Buzzini.
      Suspect: Hyrum W. Anderson, 25, Boise
      Charge: Grand Theft by Possession (F), Possession of marijuana (m).
   What Happened: A home burglary in the area of Hill Rd. and Bogus Basin Rd. was reported to Boise Police Sept. 18, 2008. The victim is a carpenter who works in the construction business. He reported that approx. $40,000 in construction tools, and approx. $10,000 in personal items, like snow skis, ski and dress coats, and jewelry were stolen. Police found evidence someone had forced their way into the home.
   Officers were able to obtain from the victim a complete and accurate list of the items taken. The victim also told officers his construction tools were marked with a bright red stripe of paint. Many of the tools were also marked with his initials.
   Recently, the victim was in a second hand sports shop and saw what he believed to be his stolen skis for sale. He reported the find to Boise Police Detectives.
    Detectives were able to get a possible ID on the suspect. Following leads, Boise Police located and arrested the suspect last night as he was attempting to pawn even more items.
   Officers say the suspect and victim don't know each other. However, officers have reason to believe the suspect had knowledge of the construction tools and targeted the victim.
   Victim Reaction:   "I had other tools stolen from a construction site in Utah, so I've been through this before," said the victim, Mike L. "I've been in the construction business for 25 years and I've seen a lot of theft, so I know it happens. My advice to anyone in construction is to mark your tools somehow, with paint, initials, whatever."
   "I've been glowing for the past two days after I heard the detectives had found a lot of my stuff," the victim told a police spokesperson. "Yesterday was my birthday, and this was the best news I could have gotten."
   Boise Police recommend the following:
  • Photograph or videotape valuable items.
  • Mark valuables, like construction tools with paint or initials.
  • Keep serial numbers of valuables with photos in a fireproof safe box to help police or insurance companies with recovery if the items are ever lost or stolen.