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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

05-14-08 UPDATE: Bike Found; Stolen Bike is Victim's Only Transportation

05-14-08 UPDATE: Bike Found; Stolen Bike is Victim's Only Transportation

    UPDATE: May 14, 2008 - Boise Police Investigators say it does appear the specialty bike found last night in Boise's North End is indeed the one stolen from 9th & Myrtle earlier this month. The bike (actually a "trike", to be technically correct) remains in police custody. Officers will reunite the victim with the specialty cycle as soon as arrangements can be made.

    The story today is the outpouring of support received from the community for assistance had the bike not been found.

    Following media reports, dozens of calls came into Crime Stoppers, the police department, and media outlets themselves with offers of donations. "Simply Cats", a non-profit group raising money for a new cat shelter in Ada County had offered to donate a similar cycle that the group is using for a fund raiser. Other citizens offered to start funds to raise money to buy the victim a new bike.

    "The community response to help this victim was not surprising," said Lt. Tony Plott of the Boise Police Department Patrol Division. "People in this community are very generous, supportive, and understanding. We knew we could help this victim in some way, but our hope was to find his unique cycle, which, again thanks to citizen help, we did."

   Boise Police want to thank all, including media outlets who broadcast the story, for helping to reunite this victim with, what is much more than a bicycle to him, it's truly a quality of life issue for this victim, who will soon be re-united with the bike.



   UPDATE: May 13, 2008 - 8:15p.m. - Boise Police believe the bike stolen recently from a disabled man has been found.

    Shortly after 6:00 tonight, a citizen in Boise's North End called directing officers to a bike that fit the description he'd heard in a media report. The citizen told officers the bike had been in the alley near 12th and Alturas for several days.

    Boise Police Crime Scene Investigators were dispatched to the scene. They say the bike appears to be in very good condition. 

    Currently officers are trying to contact the owner and verify it's the same bike, but it does appear to match the exact description. Currently the bike is in the custody of Boise Police pending notification of the owner. There are no suspects in the theft at this time.

    Boise Police would like to thank the many, MANY citizens who phoned in with offers to help and give donations to replace the bike. The outpouring of support and pledges for assistance is just another reminder of the kind and generous citizens we serve here in the Treasure Valley.


    Boise, May 13, 2008 - Boise Police are asking the public's help in finding a stolen bicycle. But this isn't just any bike.

    "This bicycle is very specialized, adapted to the unique needs of it's owner who lives with a disability. This bike had been the victim's major mode of transportation," said Lt. Tony Plott of the Boise Police Department. "We hope citizens will help us keep an eye out for this bike so we can return it to the owner. This bike can't easily be replaced."

    The bike has three-wheels which provided daily transportation to it's owner, an adult who is a double amputee. The bike was stolen from the area of 9th and Myrtle sometime late last Friday night (May 2nd) or early Saturday morning.

    "We believe that the thieves saw something unique and took it, not knowing the victim and not knowing they were depriving this citizen of his main method of getting around," said Lt. Plott. 

    The bike is red, 3-wheeled, with a white wire basket between the two rear tires. It has chrome fenders all around, is a 5-speed with Shimano gears and a bell on the handle bars. The bike was not purchased locally, but from a specialty manufacturer, then shipped to a local bike shop for more specialty fittings. It's valued at nearly $700.

    "We get reports of bikes that have been stolen and we hope to find them, but this bike, it's purpose, and it's owner are very unique. We know the owner, his family, and our officers would be very appreciative to hear from someone who may know where this bike is. We would very much like to return it." said Lt. Plott.

    Anyone with any information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.