Bandit Narcotics Vice Unit

If you have any information which may be of assistance to us in our drug enforcement efforts, please contact one of the unit supervisors.

For anyone wanting to provide vice or narcotics information please call:
Narcotics (208) 608-7900


Boise Police Drug Recognition & Information Project

The Boise Police Vice and Narcotics Unit, or BANDIT (Boise Area Narcotics Drug Interdiction Team) is comprised of Boise Police detectives and supervisors, a law enforcement technician, ATF, and is supported by a member of the Idaho National Guard Counter-Drug Unit.

BANDIT is a pro-active unit that investigates controlled substance, prostitution and gambling violations. In order to successfully complete these investigations, BANDIT detectives work closely with NCO's, Probation and Parole, county and federal prosecutors and other local, state and federal investigators.

BANDIT detectives are trained to work undercover in a multitude of situations. They purchase narcotics, stolen property, weapons, and have been successful in infiltrating illegal prostitution and gambling operations. They frequently work with confidential informants who supply them with information about active drug dealers and other criminal activities.

In the years 2010 and 2011 BANDIT investigated 281 cases resulting in:

  • 250 arrests and 316 criminal charges
  • 26 search warrants
  • Seizure of 345 grams of cocaine
  • Seizure of 12,757 grams of methamphetamine
  • Seizure of 14,915 grams of marijuana
  • Seizure of 123 marijuana plants (indoor)
  • Seizure of 84 grams of heroin
  • Seizure of 3 methamphetamine manufacturing laboratories
  • Seizure of 2439 designer or pharmaceutical drugs. 
  • Value of controlled substances purchased or seized in 2010/2011 was $2,028,058
  • Value of cash, property and vehicles seized in 2010/2011 was $348,366

BANDIT seized a substantial amount of Methamphetamine and Marijuana during 2010 and 2011, but prescription drugs showed the largest increase based on the 2009 reports.  Oxycontin, Vicodin, Valium and Xanax appear to be the most common prescription drug on the streets.   These drugs are obtained by forging prescriptions, doctor shopping, pharmacy burglaries and importation fromMexicoand/or theSouthern United States.

Designer drugs such as Ecstasy, GHB and Ketamine are still very popular with younger crowds.   Most of these drugs are made up of existing drugs, like methamphetamine, with small alterations in their chemical structure.   In addition to the prescription drugs, BANDIT also saw an increase in seizures of designer drugs.  

The most alarming drug that has recently become popular in theUnited Statesis Spice.  Spice is psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, allegedly mimics the effects of cannabis.  Legal herbs are sprayed with chemicals and flavoring to produce this synthetic cannabis.  Spice is considered a designer drug and marketed as “herbal incense” claiming it’s not for human consumption.  Many States are creating laws to make the chemicals illegal, but it has been an uphill battle due to the ability to alter chemical make ups.  Spice has been responsible for numerous serious injuries and deaths across theUnited Statesduring 2010 and 2011.  In September of 2011 BANDIT was the first police agency in the State ofIdahoto seize a Spice lab, where 30,000 jars of Spice were produced, packaged and ready for sale.  Along with the 30,000 finished jars, a considerable amount of raw materials were located in various stages of production, capable of producing much more Spice.  The street value of just the ready-for-sale seized Spice was over $450,000.

During 2010/2011 Three Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) were investigated by BANDIT with the assistance of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).   All three involved numerous Mexican Nationals importing methamphetamine into theUnited StatesfromMexico.  These investigations also involved two US Code Title III Wire Intercepts.  Although these were unrelated DTO’s, the following statistics are a total of all three:

  • 9482 Grams of Methamphetamine
  • 19 Vehicles
  • $68,500 U.S Currency
  • 29 Felony Trafficking Arrests.

BANDIT receives a small number of complaints each year involving prostitution and illegal gambling operations.  The majority of these complaints come from so-called “victims,” who have had a negative experience involving an escort or who lose a substantial amount of cash at a neighborhood poker game.  BANDIT continues to receive and log these complaints concerning prostitution, but generally these involve misdemeanor offenses and prior investigations and arrests have had little effect in reducing these activities. Escorts are continuing to advertise on the internet and appear to be keeping this ancient service off our streets. We’ve also looked into the gambling operations and quickly realized the Federal Government needs to partner with us in order to successfully close them down.  This request has been denied due to staffing issues but we continue to look for alternative ways to deter these operations.