Message From The Chief

ChiefsMessageIcon.jpgWelcome to the Boise Police Department web site. Here's hoping you're enjoying a happy, healthy and safe year.

The New Year brings some exciting changes to the Boise Police Department. The most visible change is the "patch", or our department's logo, that you see on our uniforms and marked vehicles. The new patch replaces the version hand drawn 50 years ago, and except for the background and yellow edge, the design remains much the same. However, the new BPD patch is larger, bolder, more visible, and we feel, better represents the pro-active, problem solving oriented police department for Idaho's Capital City. The same holds true with our marked patrol car. Since Ford discontinued production of the decades old Crown Victoria, a reliable workhorse for police, we have purchased  Dodge Chargers. An employee committee carefully studied the options available and chose the Charger based on efficiency, functionality and cost effectiveness. Two other teams of employees helped redesign both the interior and exterior of the new patrol vehicles. We'll be adding the chargers to our fleet as budgets allow, meaning for about the next three years you'll continue to see both the white Crown Vics and the black Chargers on the road for Boise Police.

    When I'm asked why Boise's crime rate is falling, I credit our citizens and the BPD team - retired, sworn and civilian employees, members of the Boise Police Citizen Police Academy Alumni, department volunteers, as well as our community and business partners who all work together to keep Boise a vibrant, welcoming city to live in. Your phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and tweets reporting suspicious activities are critical to solving crime in our community.

Boise is also known as a city with remarkably active, well organized Neighborhood Watch groups. These groups vary in size and work in brand new subdivisions and well established neighborhoods, but all support our department's crime prevention and crime solving efforts. The organization and communication among neighbors has provided my officers with invaluable leads and even an invitation to a bar-b-que or two. The cooperation of our Neighborhood Watch partners is invaluable. We appreciate your help in recognizing safety as a necessity for a healthy, family-centered community.

We have 300 police officers at the Boise Police Department and we too share those values. This agency has a long and well deserved reputation for community policing. In 2005, I was fortunate to join an already well structured police department that includes 14 Neighborhood Contact Officers and 22 School Resource Officers.. SRO's continue to have officers in all middle and high schools where they start and end their daily duties. These officers perform numerous duties including criminal investigations, and their physical presence is often a deterrence and reassuring to parents, faculty and students. We do not charge the school districts for this officer presence, as do many other law enforcement agencies, but see it as an investment in the future.

            Of course, one important thing hasn't changed. The Boise Police Department exists to "Protect, Serve and Lead Our Community to a Safer Tomorrow". We take that mission seriously and hope we have earned your trust over the years in fulfilling that responsibility. While our crime rate is low and we are pleased, we are not satisfied. I believe with your continued cooperation, in so many ways, you help us achieve our mission. And together, we pursue our larger, shared vision to, as Mayor David Bieter says, "Make Boise the Most Livable City in the Country". 

Thank you for working with us.


Chief Michael Masterson

Boise Police Department