Workplace Violence

Work Place Violence 

Workplace Violence is an issue that can affect any workplace, both small and large.  Workplace violence can be defined as any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting.  According to OSHA, around 2 million US workers are victims of some kind of workplace violence each year. 

In 2012, there were 463 homicides in the workplace in the US.  This accounts for 11% of all workplace fatalities.  Homicide is the number one fatal event for women in the workplace.  Of the work-related homicides, robbers were the most common assailant for men and the second most common for women. 

Workplace violence costs employers billions of dollars each year due to lost work days, lost productivity, medical bills, security costs, and other related expenses. 

Training and services provided by the Boise Police Department include: 

  • Developing risk assessment teams and company response plans
  • Workplace personal safety
  • Protecting targeted employees
  • Dealing with difficult clients, customers, and people
  • Business security surveys 

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