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Crimes Against Seniors 

The following is courtesy of the National Crime Prevention Council

According to the Consumer Law Center, Inc. (CLC), Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year to the fraudulent sale of goods and services over the telephone. The elderly are frequent targets of telemarketing frauds and sweepstakes scams. Studies conducted by CLC reveal that “fraudulent telemarketers direct anywhere from 56 percent to nearly 80 percent of their calls at older customers. One sweepstakes-related scam detailed on CBS’s 60 Minutes reportedly bilked seniors in 24 states out of an estimated $5 billion.”

Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud 101

If you're a senior, you may find yourself bombarded with telephone calls from telemarketers offering you everything from "fantastic investment opportunities" to home repairs (for an unbelievably low price). This booklet is designed to help you sort through these telemarketing offers so you can recognize which offers are on the up-and-up and which are probably scams. It will also tell you about a variety of things you can do if you get one of these calls, including the simplest thing of all - just hanging up. Download this booklet 

The National Crime Prevention Council has several publications written specifically for senior citizens on the crime prevention topics most relevant to them. Click here to access these publications and learn more about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of crime.


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For further information, download Topics in Crime Prevention: Working With Older Americans (PDF).